Convergint Technologies and Osprey Informatics announce strategic partnership for next-generation intelligent visual monitoring solutions

Truck Loading + MagnifiersChicago-based Convergint Technologies LLC (Convergint) and Calgary-based Osprey Informatics (Osprey) are partnering to bring the oil and gas industry innovative visual monitoring solutions designed for infrastructure security and operational efficiency. These solutions are powered by the Osprey Reach enterprise visual monitoring platform.

“As a leading integrator of open source and open protocol solutions, we seek partnerships with best in class solution providers such as Osprey,” says Brian Haw, director national sales of Convergint. “We have a strong team of technicians that have expertise with installations in the extreme conditions found in oil and gas operations.”

Power and communications infrastructure challenges were once a barrier to the installation and use of video-based monitoring solutions in the oilfield. However, the Osprey Reach platform has been successfully deployed under the most challenging conditions. It’s extremely bandwidth-efficient, and as a cloud solution it scales easily and does not impact the corporate network.

Osprey Reach also features a combination of powerful analytics and computer vision that can be easily managed to reduce false alerts. Communications are streamlined by providing customized incident reports. Producers are using this visual data to confirm the operating status of assets and personnel to ensure regulatory requirements and safety compliance.

All video and images are available via the cloud and readily accessible from any smart device at any time. “Industry will now have the same access to technology and security features that they have become accustomed to in their daily lives,” added Haw.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership and look forward to working with the great team at Convergint,” said Michael von Hauff, CEO of Osprey. “In addition to our strong strategic fit, Osprey and Convergint share a common focus—solving critical business problems for customers.”



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