Expert tips on surviving a tightening job market

Feb15If you work in the Canadian oil industry, chances are you might be feeling a little uneasy about job security. With oil prices remaining at multi-year lows and talk of projected job losses becoming increasingly widespread, columnist Virginia Heffernan seeks expert advice from Hays Canada’s Jim Fearon on how workers can increase their chances of staying employed. And the news isn’t all bad!

Don’t let mining money make you miserable   

No matter how much (or how little) we earn, it seems money still has the power to make us miserable. According to psychologist Angie Willcocks, our childhood experiences have a huge bearing on how we view money as adults, so it’s common for couples to clash over shared family budgets. To overcome these disputes, Angie says it’s important to set shared financial goals, become better informed about where exactly your money is spent and be honest about what you believe is important in life.

Applying the ‘Mom’ test when it comes to social media      

Social media sites like Facebook are all fun and games, right? Wrong! Companies now pay very close attention to the social media presence of potential employees, which means your online image can have a huge bearing on your career prospects. That’s why our careers specialist Terry Lende recommends you always apply the ‘Mom’ test to anything posted about you online. If Mom wouldn’t be impressed, employers most definitely won’t be either. Perhaps it’s time for a social media spring clean…

Taking time to step back from the busy-ness of life    

Columnist Jocie Ferron is mom to two busy boys. Her husband regularly travels away for work. She’s studying full time. (And she still manages to write a column for us!) After a wonderfully hectic four-week winter vacation in Australia and returning to snow chaos in Canada, she’s realised that one of the most important things a mom can do is sit back every now and then and enjoy some quiet time out.

Hidden treasure: one man’s hunt for gold in the Australian Outback     

Ever dreamed of prospecting for gold in the wilderness? Writer Max Anderson did just that in 2002 and he’s written a book about his adventures in Australia. It’s an amazing read and available on our website. If you know of any great books detailing personal experiences of mining life in Canada, we’d love to hear from you.

Q&A: How to stop the arguments about who works harder?      

Your partner works FIFO while you have a busy career back home. So who works harder and deserves the biggest break when you’re enjoying precious time together? Our psychologist Angie tackles this tricky relationship dilemma in our reader question this month, and her advice is sure to resonate with many couples in mining, oil and gas. Don’t forget, if you have a question on relationships or parenting, we offer an anonymous, FREE email Q&A service. Simply write in.


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