Great Plains College Kindersley Campus welcomes Third Class Power Engineering students

Great Plains College Kindersley Campus is welcoming the first cohort of students to the high-demand third class power engineering program. The new program, brokered from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), complements the existing fourth class power engineering certificate in Kindersley.

“Many of our students that complete the fourth class power engineering program are looking to continue their education with the third-class course,” says Fritz Eckstein, Great Plains College region manager. “This new program will allow our fourth-class students to continue into third class training, while also opening the doors for others to further their education and career in the field.”

“Our instructors and staff are working hard to meet the demand for power engineering training in the province and they are doing so by providing a high-quality learning environment,” he says. “A testament to that is the high employment rate and provincial exam success rate earned by our current fourth class students.”

According to provincial test results, the Kindersley fourth class power engineering student success rate was 94.12 per cent on the part A provincial exam. Furthermore, the Great Plains College 2013-14 annual follow-up survey conducted by Fast Consulting, highlighted that 83 per cent of contacted Kindersley fourth class power engineering graduates were employed within the year following their program.

To be considered for the third class power engineering program, applicants must hold a fourth-class certificate.

“The third class power engineering program, which is four months long, begins in April, so successful completers of the eight-month fourth class program, which begins in September, can complete both programs back-to-back,” says Eckstein.

Successful completion of the third-class courses will give students six-month’s worth of credit toward the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan’s steam time requirements at the third-class level. Students will have the opportunity to write the third class part A and part B interprovincial exams. To be eligible for the third class power engineering provincial certification, students must complete an additional six months of steam time in the industry. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange this steam time.

Great Plains College is a trusted partner in safety training and works closely with businesses to deliver training courses and certification that is required to maintain health and safety compliance, making employees safer, more productive and knowledgeable.

“It is for this reason we offer optional safety courses to our power engineering students,” says Lana Rhodes, Great Plains College safety training consultant. “It would be a disservice to them if we didn’t give them the opportunity to become certified with the tools they need to successfully, and safely enter the workforce.”

Those interested in the fourth or third class power engineering program can submit an online application at or stop in at the nearest Great Plains College campus and complete a paper application.

To find out more about this program, you can contact the Kindersley Campus by phone at 306-463-6431 or by email at You can also call toll-free 1-866-296-2472.


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