PTI offers ‘more than a place to stay’ in the Bakken

7-2When we think of Saskatchewan, most of the country pictures majestic plains filled with canola and wheat crops. This was the backbone of the Saskatchewan economy for many years. As the province continues to diversify, however, the growth of Saskatchewan’s oil and gas industry has attracted a great deal of attention and has reshaped the province’s brand as a net contributor to the national economy.

The Bakken oil and gas formation in southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba is responsible for a good deal of this newfound attention. With an estimated 24 bbl of recoverable oil and speculation of 200 to 300 bbl in total, this makes the Bakken formation one of the richest in the world.

With the growing number of people coming into the region seeking work, the need for workforce housing in close proximity to project sites has been a key consideration. PTI Group is one company looking to address the issue. As one of North America’s largest fully integrated suppliers of remote site services, PTI provides temporary and permanent workforce accommodations, food services, facility management, and other value-added services to resource industries worldwide. The company owns and operates over 19,000 beds in a network of open-lodge properties and modular contract facilities, serving most major natural resource plays in North America. The company also operates 8,600 beds in Australia through its subsidiary, The MAC Services Group.


PTI is currently expanding its footprint in the Canadian Bakken to serve the growing number of projects in the region. With lodge properties already operating in Redvers and Waskada, PTI will welcome guests to two new locations to be announced this summer.  Collectively, this will provide over 850 rooms serving the area by the end of 2013.

PTI owns and operates its open-lodge properties and also builds and operates private facilities owned by resource companies. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand within industry to improve the lifestyle and living standards for those working in remote areas. This is especially true in regions like Alberta’s oilsands where the labour market is highly competitive.

With a mindset that is closer to that of an hotelier than a traditional camp provider, PTI has elevated industry standards in its new generation of facilities by adding a variety of amenities and services focused on contributing to quality of life. PTI’s commitment goes beyond offering just a bed to sleep in – they strive to make the transition from home to work as seamless as possible.

7-3“Quality of life means different things to different people,” says Sean Crockett, PTI’s vice-president of business development. “If we can provide the comforts and conveniences that give people peace-of-mind while they are on rotation in remote areas and away from family and friends, then we are serving our customers well.”

In each of PTI’s lodge properties, guests stay in private rooms and make the space their own. Free in-room Internet access and satellite TV allow guests to connect with loved ones and stay up-to-date on current events, sports, and favourite television programs. Game rooms provide outlets for guests to socialize and unwind at the end of their day. PTI also supports those who seek healthier lifestyles with catered dining rooms that always have nutritious options available. Additionally, guests can continue their workout routines in well-appointed fitness rooms.

“The oil and gas customers we serve understand the value of a strong accommodations plan,” says Crockett. “The decisions that go into facility design and the services and amenities that we provide are very much a part of our clients’ overall labour strategy. These decisions help increase employee retention and overall productivity.”

With this approach to workforce accommodations, it’s clear that PTI properties offer guests more than a place to stay. They offer a place to live.


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