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Every day, Western Energy Alliance strives to deliver value to the western oil and natural gas industry. We work hard to provide return on our members’ investment in Western Energy Alliance by constantly upping our level of service and ensuring we’re improving the business climate for our great industry in the West or putting up the best defense against those who would undermine your success.

We’re pleased to highlight some of our specific accomplishments this year, in the hopes that we can convince you that Western Energy Alliance is worth the investment. Of course, this is just a summary to give you a flavour.

  • Passage of the BLM APD Act: In this political climate, getting any legislation passed is a huge uphill battle, and we’ve been working on this bill for a few years now to make it happen. The BLM Permit Process Improvement Act won’t solve all our problems with BLM, but it’s a great success to have secured funding for BLM permitting beyond 2015. 
  • Political Change: One of our main goals this year was to flip the Senate, since we need some check on an administration that is bent on overregulating oil and natural gas. We raised over $210,000 for our Political Action Committee this year, which we used to help achieve that goal. While we work with many Democrats who understand energy, outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) just wouldn’t let pro-energy bills come to the floor, even when they enjoyed bipartisan support.
  • Greater Sage Grouse Coalition and Campaign:  Our public education campaign achieved results almost three times better than other advocacy campaigns, and we built a coalition of counties, industry, agriculture, transmission, mining, and other stakeholders with the goal of ensuring the best science is used for the sage grouse listing decision.
  • Legal Victory: We helped achieve a court ruling that solidifies access to all mineral rights within a federal lease unit, regardless of surface ownership. Our amicus brief was relied on heavily by the court to make its decision. We have several other legal irons in the fire as well, from supporting public lands access to fighting federal fracking regulation and erroneous species listings.
  • Accurate, Reliable Information: We pride ourselves on making sure we provide accurate, scientifically credible information; we know our industry is under the microscope, so we need to ensure we communicate effectively and positively with 100% accuracy. We delivered several studies–Greater Sage Grouse ConservationWestern Water Study, and the Uinta Basin Ozone Studywhite paperstestimonypolicy piecespolling results, economic datasets, a briefing book, and other policy content to help explain our industry to policymakers and the public. We appeared in 276 TV, print, radio and online stories, including FoxNews, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington PostPolitico, and the Houston Chronicle, and regional media such as the Denver Post, Salt Lake Tribune, Caspar Star Tribune, and Albuquerque Journal.
  • Great Defense: In order to go on offense, we need to have a great defense. For example, we can’t legally challenge a regulation if we haven’t done the hard work of providing solid technical comments and engaging regulators directly. We responded to 61 regulatory actions, including species listings, air quality rules, RMP amendments, royalty valuation, and LNG export applications. 

We know you have countless demands on your resources, and several trade associations you can invest in. We hope you agree that our successes and the many other efforts we undertake on behalf of oil and natural gas exploration and production in the West have value to your company and are worth supporting. I’m always available to talk with you about Western Energy Alliance’s value proposition.

2015 Wine Tasting and Silent Auction

Register today for Western Energy Alliance’s Winter Wine Tasting and Silent Auction. Enjoy carefully crafted food and wine pairings, purchase a bottle of wine from our Wall of Wine and bid on fabulous silent auction items such as arts and entertainment experiences, dining venues, spa packages and leisure getaways.

All proceeds go to the Legal Defense Fund, which enables the Alliance to legally challenge policies that prevent oil and natural gas development in the West, such as federal fracking rules, leasing policies, and Endangered Species Act listings.

Sponsorships Available – Don’t miss this unique opportunity to support the mission of Western Energy Alliance and feature your organization at this popular event. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Wendy Wollert.

When: February 19th, 6:00 – 8:30 PM

Where: Magnolia Hotel Ballroom
818 17th Street, Denver
Price: Members – $50
Non-members – $75

Register online.

Happy Holidays, and we hope to work with you in 2015!

For questions about our advocacy efforts, please contact Kathleen Sgamma, Vice President of Government & Public Affairs. As always, please feel free to contact me or Wendy Wollert (303) 623-0987 at any time with questions on becoming a member of Western Energy Alliance. We hope you’ll consider joining today.


Brian Fakharzadeh

VP, Development and Operations

Western Energy Alliance

1775 Sherman St., Suite 2700

Denver, CO 80203

(303) 623-0987

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Western Energy Alliance represents more than 480 companies in 25 states and two Canadian provinces, and promotes the environmentally responsible exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the West.


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